17 September 2008

Instant Karma's gonna get you

Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race

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I'm not exactly sure who's supposed to be surprised here... certainly not anybody who knew this family.

Shssssh... don't wake the Dawg.



Anonymous said...

I think this may be a case of watching too many rap videos/playing too many video games and thinking the Big Boom Stick will react the way it does in Pretend Land.

As one firearms expert has said about holding a pistol sideways (ala most movies you see these days): "maybe if you're trying to fire around a corner. But you won't be able to hit anything".

Same with firing two pistols at once.

Of course, these brats are just trying to intimidate. Hitting someone is secondary.

Now, if His Hair, the Mayor, hadn't closed down those gun clubs, maybe this wannabe would have learned to use his LEGAL, REGISTERED gun the safe way, and not shoot himself when he's robbing people. Its a wonder there isn't a program about this in the first place...

Neo Conservative said...

all guns are ALWAYS loaded

never let the muzzle cover ANYTHING you're not prepared to destroy

be SURE of your target


Anonymous said...

It's too bad he wasn't killed. Now we'll waste more tax dollars on his medical bills, legal bills and feeding the loser in prison.

Anonymous said...

How do you solve the problem of the baby gangstas?

Armed guards in the schools might be the only alternative.

I feel bad for that stupid kid, but better him shot, than an innocent bystander.

Let the wailing of the left lib socialist begin, as they bury a child they have encouraged to fail.

It is going to be just another day of moron Miller puffing himself up for his stump speech about banning guns.

Neo Conservative said...

"hp says... another day of moron Miller puffing himself up"

i'm just trying to imagine how devastated the bloods and the crips will be... when they hear about "his blondeness" calling for another handgun ban.


Anonymous said...

Yep. I learned 3 things growing up:

1) all guns are loaded
2) don't point a loaded gun at anything you don't want to kill
3) don't kill anything you don't want to eat, or isn't trying to eat you

Too hard for liberals to understand I guess.

So now His Hairness and McSwifty want to ban hand guns again, at least for Toronto (not sure how that will work...will the bangers coming in for the clubs have to turn them in?).

Their emotionalism, er, "reason", is that "nobody needs a handgun in Toronto".

Well, nobody needs a wide screen TV, either. All people do is sit on the couch and get fat watching it, so I'm going to do my civic duty and confiscate my neighbour's...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... All people do is sit on the couch and get fat..."

well... the "need" part of the equation has been getting lots of play...

"I agree. There is no need in today's world for a citizen to own a gun."

Having come to agreement that "need" is the threshold for a citizen's right to own a firearm, the discussion is ready to move forward.

Announce to your friend that you are ready to accompany them to their home. You will begin with an inspection of the kitchen, and from there, will work your way through their house, tagging each possession you believe they do not need in "today's world".

Don't forget the garage.