29 September 2008

The central theme of the book

...is that by making guns illegal, criminals will stop using them and the world will become some manner of utopia. But in order for criminals to obey the law and not use outlawed weapons... well, I think you see where this is going.

On second thought, in case Wendy Cukier is in fact reading these reviews, I'll make it more obvious. Criminals don't obey the law! If they did then there wouldn't be a need to outlaw guns! Nice little catch 22 there?

This book is a crime in itself by trivializing the nature of violence by blaming hunks of wood, plastic, and metal instead of the human nature.
(h/t reader pongo)


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Who said you could go ahead and start up a vast right-wing zionist conspiracy... without me?

I can't wait for Dr Dawg and CC to spring into action.



Anonymous said...

Environmentalists should be OUTRAGED that trees were harmed in the making of this book. The world is a little more stupid for it having been published...

Anonymous said...

I read on a rabble/babble thread a comment from someone who is familiar with Cukier and her high opinion of herself that her response to critics is to scoff at them as they have simply not attained her level of superiority.

Neo Conservative said...

"pongo says... simply not attained her level of superiority."

isn't that the fiberal campaign slogan?