23 September 2008

Fewer feather boas... more David Sedaris

As someone who has never gone particularly out of their way to embrace the gay community, here's a thought I'd like to share with my homosexual brethren... and, uh... sisters... (there's very likely a grammatically appropriate word, which I can't think of right now).

This is, of course, just my own circumscribed "breeder" opinion... but if you're really interested in bridging the oft-yawning chasm between gay and straight society... I'm thinkin' you might be further ahead toning down the way-public naked-watergun party... and buying your non-gay neighbours and co-workers anything written by David Sedaris.

He's not everybody's cup of tea, but what he is... is all too recognisable... and virtually impossible to dislike.

“My hands tend to be full enough dealing with people who hate me for who I am.

Concentrate too hard on the millions of people who hate you for what you are and you're likely to turn into one of those unkempt, sloppy dressers who sag beneath the weight of the two hundred political buttons they wear pinned to their coats and knapsacks.”
I just finished reading "When you are engulfed in flames" and I was totally blown away.

But hey... don't take my word for it.
Sedaris's caustic gift has not deserted him in his fourth book, which mines poignant comedy from his peculiar childhood in North Carolina, his bizarre career path, and his move with his lover to France.

Though his anarchic inclination to digress is his glory, Sedaris does have a theme in these reminiscences: the inability of humans to communicate.

The title is his rendition in transliterated English of how he and his fellow students of French in Paris mangle the Gallic language.

In the essay "Jesus Shaves," he and his classmates from many nations try to convey the concept of Easter to a Moroccan Muslim. "It is a party for the little boy of God," says one. "Then he be die one day on two... morsels of... lumber," says another.
And like everybody else... he's got family baggage...
Other essays explicate his deep kinship with his eccentric mom and absurd alienation from his IBM-exec dad: "To me, the greatest mystery of science continues to be that a man could father six children who shared absolutely none of his interests."
Now... this is probably gonna elicit a whole lot of "look at the knuckle-draggin' hater" noise from uber-enlightened souls like CC and Dr Dawg... but I thought I'd put it out there.

Maybe affirming the similarities between our two worlds... rather than the differences... would go a ways toward mending broken fences.

And no... I'm not saying it's your fault, but if you want... it could be your move.


(p.s. -- gotta run some errands this a.m., remember... this is just one man's opinion and you can look to the sentiment behind the literal word. everybody try play nice in the comments 'til i get back)


Anonymous said...

I have never understood the need by certain members of the gay community to try to gain acceptance and equality by parading down the street with it all hanging out.

It isn't acceptable - no matter whether you are homo - or hetero - sexual.

Red Tory said...

I don't know why you'd think that you might be ostracized for liking Sedaris.

You really need to get over yourself and stop imagining things about all the evil "lefties" out there.

Neo Conservative said...

"red tory says... get over yourself and stop imagining things about all the evil "lefties" out there."

yeah, red... you're so right.

i guess i'm just being overly sensitive...

"Ejaculation. There you go, five whole syllables! That should do the trick. And the folks at Kleenex® thank you for your continued patronage."
Posted by Red Tory to halls of macadamia at 10:43 PM, December 26, 2007

see... i wasn't worried about being "ostracized for liking Sedaris"... i was thinking i'd get a ton of crap for daring to say anything about that "holy of holies"... the pride parade.

and just like magic... here you are.


Neo Conservative said...

"alberta girl says... gain acceptance and equality by parading down the street with it all hanging out."

well, you know... that's sorta been my perception as well. it seems to be less about... "acceptance and equality"... than sticking a thumb in joe breeder's eye.

a little less strident, risque "clown car"... (less johnson, more boswell, for instance)... might go a long way.

i'm just sayin.


Red Tory said...

Man, you're sad.

Neo Conservative said...

"red tory fumes... Man, you're sad."

oh puh-leese, marty... you're sure you really wanna go THERE?


Anonymous said...

neo is incapable of rational discussion. He is only capable of ad hominem attacks. In RT's case, reprinting previous insults received in the past, but minus his own baiting that caused it.

Nothing new there. After all, this is the guy who thinks gun crime will be reduced by, guess what? More guns!


Neo Conservative said...

"my own personal troll says... He is only capable of ad hominem attacks."

and right on cue defending his odious pal red tory, "zyklon-b boy" once again screeches... "look at me, neo... look at me!"

hey nonny... red is so lucky to have a special friend like you. it's so cute... you two are like peas in a pod.

happy trails, er... trolls, fellas.