23 September 2008

In the end, it all comes down...

...to one thing...

Getting soldiers, at least the male ones, to switch to digital camouflage wasn’t easy, Dr. O’Neill says, because for many men camouflage is less about invisibility than fashion.

Some soldiers hung on to the old-fashioned designs because of what Dr. O’Neill called the C.D.I. factor: Chicks Dig It
Good grief... it's true.

We ARE idiots.



Dennis said...

Make what you want of this but I still prefer to ghillie up when I hunt. It's worked out fine so far and hey, IIABDFI, right?

Neo Conservative said...

i just know i'm gonna shatter a few illusions here... (are you listening, dawg?)... but i'm actually not a hunter.

i shoot for sport, not for meat.

nonetheless, i respect that other people hunt, fish and trap.

unlike some demented, politically-correct leftoids i could name.

my advice, dennis... enjoy it while you can.