23 September 2008

I know Dawg... I know

We're supposed to pretend none of this is happening.

-- TORONTO -- Police have arrested two men in the city’s latest Jane and Finch gun slaying. The victim was shot at Driftwood Court and Driftwood Ave around 9:16 p.m. last night.

This is the second murder in the area in less than a week. On Sept. 16, William Junior Appiah was gunned down in what police described as a targeted shooting while playing basketball at 4400 Jane St.

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...on crazy people...
The head of the police investigation, Jari Neulaniemi, said: "In the note he said he hated mankind and the human race."

"And that he had been planning this since 2002."


Anonymous said...

I hate what is happenning in Toronto, but I love the way you taunt the lefties ...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I love the way you taunt the lefties"

you mean, for instance... poking a stick through the bars, at the guy who calls me "a drooling racist?"

he's just so desperate to get up on the porch with the big dawgs... i almost feel sorry for him.


RightGirl said...

Wow. How can you get shot playing basketball? I thought basketball courts were the answer to all of Toronto's violence. I mean, this sort of shocking news could make people lose their belief that basketball will save all our disenfranchised (read: fatherless) youth!


Neo Conservative said...

no, no... that can't be right.

david miller and dalton mcslippery already have the answer to the rising tide of murder in the center of the universe.

see... what you have to do is shut down gunclubs and take legally registered guns away from law-abiding citizens.

poof... problem solved.