26 September 2008

A Reader writes...

...this is the response my bro in Florida received when he tried to order a McCain/Palin T-shirt for me.

Dear GOP Trunk customer,

In the past few weeks, we have seen a large surge in orders since the nomination of the McCain-Palin ticket. We are working around the clock to fulfill the orders as quickly as possible and ask for your patience. Some items on your order may have been on backorder at the time of your transaction. Your orders will ship with all in-stock items and backordered items will follow at a later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience and, again, appreciate your patience. Thank you for your business and your support of John McCain and Sarah Palin.


GOP Trunk
(877) 542-1426


And look what "anonymous" comment mysteriously shows up here as well.
Yessiree... that CC is one class act.

And guess what?

It gets even better...
Kinda makes you wonder how "sjwalter" of Waterloo must feel... about having his name come up... even peripherally... in association with this sort of thing?

If it was me, I'd be more than a little upset.

But Mr. Walter's been strangely silent so far... well, except for corresponding with, yes... you guessed it... Canadian Cynic.

Seems the two of them have worked something out.



Anonymous said...

I'm planning to wear mine to the family gatherings in Trawna...guess I'll have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to see this:


Anonymous said...

Yes yes, don't vote for the nigger.

Neo Conservative said...

"cowardly anonymous spews... Yes yes, don't vote..."

so once again i'm left wondering... which one of my progressive, compassionate socialist trolls... decided to drop by and try start up a race war?

funny how that works, huh?

they seem to need to egg each other on... like small boys throwing snowballs at passing cars.

and then they're baffled that no one takes them seriously.

cowardly and pathetic.


langmann said...

Remember, nonny, who had the largest number of black people in his presidential cabinet.

Yep, GW Bush. And no Repubes complained.

Don't you hate it when the great satan rubs coal in your eyes?

Anonymous said...

Mr Simon J Walter of Kitchener was found dead this afternoon. He had been shot at point blank range. Two .40 calibre bullets were recovered from the scene. The murder weapon is believed to be a Glock pistol.

Meanwhile, "neo" was not posting, commenting or deleting comments for most of the day. About the round trip time between Waterloo and Belleville.

Neo Conservative said...

"Canadian Cynic says... was found dead this afternoon."

oh, cc... that's too much. i love how you throw a first name in there to spice things up.

hey... is there actually a simon j. walter in waterloo? i mean, you corresponded with your "twin cynic", right? are you saying you didn't get a name? that seems odd.

i mean... how do we know it's not stephen... or even sally?

you have previously said you guys are in touch... how about you share how "ol' sj" feels about your recent heartwarming jewish commentary?

is he still a big fan?

and cc... why on earth would anyone wish either of you ill anyway... it's not like you're spreading vile, hateful... oh... wait...


Anonymous said...

Clearly the addle-brained Cesspool boy struggles to maintain his sanity with medication and tonite throws fuel on his "problem" with what appears to be booze...heh heh, that friggin' ink blot picture of the boy's meathead never gets old...heh heh.

Neo Conservative said...

as long as the cynic keeps writing me love letters and linking to me, i'm happy to address his concerns.

the poor thing needs all the help he can get... as evidenced by his "anonymous" comments above... he's one twisted sister.


Anonymous said...

You know what it all means neo...

the simpleton lefties like cc can no longer drool over the losing Liberals so they are left swimming and sucking in a fevered swamp, and have nothing else to say...all that comes out of the minds is swamp gas.