28 September 2008

Toronto Sun reveals...

...scary, hidden "TRUTH"... Stephen Harper hates children...

-- AJAX -- Little Betty Chen wanted to give Prime Minister Stephen Harper a letter yesterday but couldn't get it past his security.

The 10-year-old Toronto girl trekked out to Ajax in the rain with her family in a desperate plea to somehow get the Conservative leader's attention and somehow avoid deportation to China.
In fact, he hates them so much... he's rounding them up and kicking them out of the country.

Media bias... what media bias?


"...shades of the little match girl..."


More ominous rumblings from Mount Cherniak...
"Liberals really believe that if they just "argue" loudly and long-ly enough, that we poor plebes will see the tragic error of our ways, i.e., relying upon the evidence of our senses and our lived experience to make decisions, and not upon this week's Received Liberal Wisdom talking points."


Beast said...

I saw that "Chen" story and my only question is why were they not deported when their refugee application was denied? And having children here after being denied is not a reason to change anything. They were told NO, so what are they trying to bribe the Canadian people with their stupidity?

Neo Conservative said...

"djxtreme says... why were they not deported"

uh... because this is fuzzy-bunny canada?

-- BRANTFORD -- A convicted terrorist ordered deported from Canada two decades ago is still living with his family in a modest semi-detached bungalow in Brantford.

Under orders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the then-25-year-old guerrilla fighter and another man hurled grenades and sprayed the plane with machine-gun fire.


syncrodox said...


Can we keep the Chens and deport the Elfin one to Mordor?


Platty said...

The 10-year-old Toronto girl trekked out to Ajax in the rain

Wow, let's get a little more maudlin here shall we.

They should have thrown in the puppy she had walking with her, uphill against a 60K wind....

Nice of the parents to use the kids in an attempt to circumvent the law.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, slow news day, but yet...shades of the little match girl... a opportunity to show how "heartless" the "evil" Conservatives are. I am referring to the 'Chen" story, thing of it is they should have been "gonzo" as soon as their "refugee" claim was rejected. The truth is the Lieberanos love any "refugee claimant" put the system in place, immigration lawyers ,endless hearings, it is a wonder they are not still here to apply for their O.A.P. you see they invariably vote Lieberano, perfect. It isn't a goat ..but close.. a little girl.. in the rain.. heartless Harper. I really wonder how much slack the Chinese would cut me if I decided to "over stay" my visa. How many more would show up if we let these people stay?
Cheers Bubba

langmann said...

Its pretty sad. Certainly being the Minister in charge of immigration would be hard for me, as I would probably grant their request.

Unfortunately it would mean more people trying to bypass the line.