24 September 2008

Macleans magazine...

... reveals the horrifying truth...

You can almost smell the Guyanese jungle.


UPDATE: Bad news for Macleans magazine...

...apparently folks are just too smart to swill the "socialist koolade."

An exclusive Nanos Research-Sun Media poll shows 30.4% of people surveyed think the Tories will honour their commitments -- more than double the 14.5% who think the Liberals will deliver and 14.1% who put their trust in the NDP.


langmann said...

All this time I just thought he was Hitler.

I didn't know he actually had a cult.

Thank god for the MSM. They make guys like CC look smart.

Anonymous said...

I know he is going to lead us to a prosperous country, and give us pride in our country.

Finally a leader who understands economics.

Anonymous said...

Amen Honey Pot. Amen.

syncrodox said...

As opposed to what? Dion's leadership quorum? Dion's leadership suggestions? Dion's leadership begging, pleading and whining?



Neo Conservative said...

the graphic links to an andrew coyne article...

"He is that rare double, a leader as comfortable with policy as politics: a tactician with a post-graduate degree, a wonk with a switchblade. He is serious, thoughtful, shrewd, and — usually — disciplined."

"It's just that these are not conventionally thought of as the sort of qualities you win elections on. When people tell pollsters they think Harper's a strong leader, they don't mean he's good at chess."

"They mean he kicks ass."