17 September 2008

So, this week...

...I've been out back cutting wood. The bugs are down, the wind is blowing... the sun is shining.
I've come to think of it as "chainsaw therapy."

Anyway, this morning I'm sitting at the computer typing away and suddenly the volume on the radio in the kitchen goes way up.

Turns out some 55 year-old guy in Prince Edward County got himself killed when the top of a dead tree he was felling... suddenly and unexpectedly broke off and nailed him to the ground.

See, Mrs Neo is actually too polite to say... "And don't you die out there, dumbass!"

Not out loud, anyway.

But you know what? There are worse ways to go... like being tied to a bed in a chronic care facility for years... like my old man.

Life is good. Enjoy it while you can.

P.S. -- for anybody who is interested, that's a Stihl MS290 Farm Boss... and yes, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

My previous saw, which I acquired before I knew anything about cutting wood, was a whiny little toy I bought at Crappy Tire... more suited to pruning hedges than actually biting into trees.

As always... you get what you pay for.



"That's sweet. A lot of women would have turned the radio down."


Anonymous said...

Hey Neo,
I live in SE Man.,and lots of forestry clearing going on,and in the past 3 yrs. we have had at least 1 death per/yr from tree-related stuff. One guy had a heart attack while alone in the bush..he died as well.And..just to keep this cheery line going, the husband of a friend of mine had his back broken when a tree fell on him!
Soooo,be careful out there in the big scary world!The bush..almost as deadly as TO!

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... The bush..almost as deadly as TO!"

well... like anything else involving tools, mass and movement... there are rules to, pun intended, live by.

the stuff that really gives me the willies are "the leaners" because they have a whole lot of potential energy built up (like a bow and arrow) that gets released when you make a cut to free them up.

i think the guys that get hurt, barring the really freak occurences, are most beginners and people who just get complacent.

i presume the guy who got killed today knew he was working on a dead tree... which potentially meant it could be rotten inside and suddenly snap and windmill on him... or, as it actually did... break off somewhere over his head.

and we had a guy from the neighbourhood killed a couple years back when a tree cracked, spun and pinned him.

preventable accident?

well, yeah... call a tree service guy and pay him hundreds of dollars while you suck down a beer and watch oprah.

the fact is... you're way more likely to die in your own car driving to work... but that doesn't seem to cause too many folks to sell their car and take the bus.

let your guard down and you can die crossing the road.


James Higham said...

Chainsaw therapy - that's kinda nice, really.

Kit said...

I be interested in a comparison of the number of Canadians killed yearly by chain saw accidents as opposed to those killed in combat.

Now there is a statistic that you'll never see on CBC.

Be careful. I trust the wood you harvest goes to good use and that you have carbon trade offs for burning it... I think you have to in Mcguinty-land don't you?

Canadianna said...

That's sweet. A lot of women would have turned the radio down.

Neo Conservative said...

"Canadi-anna says... That's sweet. A lot of women would have turned the radio down."

wow... that's spooky.

that also sounds exactly like something mrs neo might have said.

i didn't think of that.