17 September 2008

So, this week...

...I've been out back cutting wood. The bugs are down, the wind is blowing... the sun is shining.
I've come to think of it as "chainsaw therapy."

Anyway, this morning I'm sitting at the computer typing away and suddenly the volume on the radio in the kitchen goes way up.

Turns out some 55 year-old guy in Prince Edward County got himself killed when the top of a dead tree he was felling... suddenly and unexpectedly broke off and nailed him to the ground.

See, Mrs Neo is actually too polite to say... "And don't you die out there, dumbass!"

Not out loud, anyway.

But you know what? There are worse ways to go... like being tied to a bed in a chronic care facility for years... like my old man.

Life is good. Enjoy it while you can.

P.S. -- for anybody who is interested, that's a Stihl MS290 Farm Boss... and yes, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

My previous saw, which I acquired before I knew anything about cutting wood, was a whiny little toy I bought at Crappy Tire... more suited to pruning hedges than actually biting into trees.

As always... you get what you pay for.


"That's sweet. A lot of women would have turned the radio down."