28 September 2008

So Jacko... you sit down with the Taliban...

...don't forget to put "killing uppity women" on the short list, huh?

Afghan officials say unidentified gunmen fatally shot one of the country's most prominent female police officers.

Malalai Kakar was killed Sunday as she traveled from her home in the southern city of Kadahar. Her son was also wounded in the attack. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Kakar, a mother of six, was the head of the department of crimes against women in Kandahar. She was regularly profiled in international media and known for her courage in one of Afghanistan's most conservative and male-dominated provinces.
The NDP... they know what's best for all of us.


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"I took up the task and tried to get Ms. May on the record saying just that -- 'Hezbollah is a terrorist organization'."
Alas... no surprises here either.



Anonymous said...

Of course Jacko wants to elevate all women to goddess status so they vote for him... but he has to undermine the USA first so socialism will prevail in the world like all his globalist commie buddies. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

A brave woman indeed.

As a female I see this and it angers me that the so-called feminist in Canada will have no part in speaking up for muslim females. They abandon them in the name of political correctness.

Neo Conservative said...

one the the ironies of the dipper position here, is that come the islamic revolution, woman and gays... whom the ndp claim as core constituencies... will be among the first people put up against the bloody, pockmarked wall.