16 September 2008

Fool you twice... shame on you

“You wave it. You don't read from it, you don't refer to it,” said the source about what the pollster told the national Liberal caucus."

“You wave it and say, ‘This is our plan, we have a plan, we've got the people, we can make a difference. ... I share your values, I share your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations…'.”

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A Liberal news release said the ads draw "a clear contrast between the divisive partisanship of Stephen Harper and the progressive leadership of Stephane Dion."

Yet the Grit leader doesn't even get a mention.

"It would seem to me that if they're going to put an ad out questioning leadership styles, they shouldn't leave their own leader out," said Conservative campaign co-chairwoman Marjory LeBreton.
Steffi Who?



Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm gonna miss Steffi.

Neo Conservative said...

"beachnut says... I'm gonna miss Steffi."

as will conservatives all across this country.

i mean, how often do the political gods lob such a slow, fat softball across the plate... when you've just put in your power hitter.