19 September 2008

Funny how the television networks...

...decided to constantly gloss over this part of the story...

Justice Lynn Ratushny describes Shawn Brant's actions in the dispute as those of a deceptive, self-serving man who played the role of victim and failed to take responsibility for himself.
And, in this instance, it's not just the wily white man that Brant is at war with. This time he gave his aboriginal brothers a royal screwin' over, too.
The long-running dispute between the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte community and the Brants involves a piece of land where the men started a cabinet-making business in 1992. They received $430,000 in loans from an aboriginal financing company and Industry Canada for the start-up. Despite the sizable loan, Shawn Brant scoffed at the $8,700 purchase price his father negotiated for the land and instead offered $1,500.

"With the benefit of hindsight, it is evident that his initial reaction of trying to get something for less or for nothing was a foreshadowing of what was to come," Judge Ratushny writes.

The band refused the offer and a deadline for the purchase passed without event.
But even that wasn't gonna stop this noble native entrepreneur.
The Brants went ahead and erected a building on the property. Their business failed within one year and none of the $430,000 in loans was repaid.

"At times during the last 16 years, therefore, the Brants have used the lands and building almost for free, for their own purposes," Judge Ratushny writes in her decision.

"They have used hundreds of thousands of dollars from lenders for their own purposes. Shawn Brant has purported to sell that which he never did purchase and knew he did not purchase and he has kept the sale monies, for his own use."
And he's still not in jail.




Anonymous said...

Hey Neo,sorta along the same topic,I wondered if you saw the interview with Chief Patrick Brazeau on MDL tonite? He was speaking about the whole Cannon aide affair,and the other 'apology.' The Chief felt this was absolutely unneccesary,he personally knows this woman,she taught him in high school,and she is very open and inclusive.Chief CLEARLY said,there had been issues with band members showing up 'in their cups' and expecting a serious mtg.with their MP.The Chief said,if they wanted to be taken seriously,they should have more respect for the office.
So there,now I patiently await the cbc to bring out the whole story.Wake me in 20-30 yrs!

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... Wake me in 20-30 yrs!"

in canada, that's how this politically-correct argle-bargle always works.

shawn brant has for years described himself as a cabinet-maker. talk about chutzpah.

and the msm just laps it up.