17 September 2008


The Liberal campaign's airplane was forced to make an unexpected landing in Montreal on Tuesday evening.

About 15 minutes after taking off from the small airport in Sherbrooke, Que., the plane's lights went out in the cabin, said CBC's James Fitz-Morris, who was aboard the plane.

"A few of us noticed that we never really got up to cruising altitude. The plane was quite low for the duration of the flight."


Anonymous said...

Remember Robert Stanfield and his fumbled football? Looks like with this creaking, ancient, and now grounded Liberal campaign airplane, he and Dion now share the same metaphor.

Neo Conservative said...

"dennis says... Robert Stanfield and his fumbled football"

yup... once you acquire the smell... it just sticks to you forever.

in actual fact... steffi has been indelibly associated with flawed, ineffective performance from the get-go... the old, carbon spewing campaign jet is just icing on the cake.