26 September 2008

Hogtown... or Bogged Down Town

People sometimes ask me if I've ever regretted leaving Toronto... and moving out into the sticks...

Thousands of commuters poured out of subway tunnels and crowded onto sidewalks and streets yesterday after two separate incidents shut down the Toronto Transit Commission’s two main lines at the height of afternoon rush hour.

An electrical cable came down onto the track at Eglinton station on the Yonge Street line, shorting out signals and shutting down the subway line between Bloor and Lawrence stations.

Adding to the commuter confusion, TTC was also forced to close a large section of its east-west line after two men boarded a subway train with a knife soon after the Yonge Street line shut down.
Oh yeah... the answer would be "not even for a second."



Anonymous said...

It won't be changing soon, the mothers of those two boys who were shot, come from a hood that would consist of many progressives who felt they were immune from a bullet between the eyes, compliments of their pet gangstas. The mothers have been pleading for the gangstas who shot their sons to come forward?

They won't come forward, they own the streets of Toronto, they do what they want, because there is no one to stop them.

Moron Miller is a joke to the gangstas, they get a kick out of weak men like him allowing them to do whatever in hell they want. They love it that they are considered the victims of whitey, and therefore they are above the laws of the land.

When progressives smell the gun powder coming out of the hole in their chest, the sympathy factor for their pet gangsta's dissipates.

Perhaps those two moms can make the other progressives understand that they to, could be a victim to the gangsta culture in Toronto.

Toronto is a shithole, where a trip to school or work is like playing russian roulette, every day.

John M Reynolds said...

How often do subway lines get shut down during rush hours?

John M Reynolds said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"John M Reynolds asks... How often do subway lines get shut down during rush hours?"

way more often than you think... but you're right... the bigger issue these days are the freely roaming, armed predators.

don't worry, john... i'm not saying you shouldn't live there.



John M Reynolds said...

Umm, thanks neo, but if you check my profile, I live in Sudbury.

Neo Conservative said...

"john m reynolds says... if you check my profile, I live in Sudbury."

well, john... i never said you didn't.

i simply indicated i wouldn't presume to tell you where to live... or, for that matter... how to raise your kids... or what things you're not allowed to say... or, well... you get the idea.

relax, bro... it's the weekend.