24 September 2008

A million here... a million there...

...pretty soon you're talkin' serious taxpayer-funded scratch...

-- TYENDINAGA MOHAWK TERRITORY -- The installation of a new police building here has been delayed “until further notice,” after a group of band members set up a blockade Tuesday to protest its arrival.

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte officials were preparing to have a 4,635-square-foot building shipped from a Hamilton-area manufacturer this week and put together on a gravel pit on York Road, just west of Quinte Mohawk School.

But a group of about 50 people began squatting at the site Tuesday afternoon, vowing to block officials from entering to install a building they feel the community was not consulted about.

The band is contributing close to $980,000 toward its costs, with the final $900,000 coming from the provincial and federal government.
Another stunning victory for aboriginal freedom fighters.


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...Chief Peewee Herman?
The Brants went ahead and erected a building on the property.

Their business failed within one year and none of the $430,000 in loans was repaid.


Anonymous said...

If these people would just take half the efforts that they presently put into protesting, blocking, screaming, etc into more productive activities... oh, hell, who am I kidding, they're not about to change any time soon.

Anonymous said...

The whole problem with giving in to blackmail is that once you give in, you keep giving in. This group of 50 might be placated, then you have to deal with the next group, which will probably be a sub-set of this group.

Do you keep giving in until everyone stops whining? Is this what the left means by consensus?

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... whole problem with giving in to blackmail is that once you give in, you keep giving in."

let's not forget that it is "political correctness" that fuels this particular fire.

time to stop the socialist insanity.