13 February 2007

UNICEF nails Child Abusers

UPDATE: So what makes a winning country?

Here's how it's done in the Netherlands...

"It's almost a caricature that children are the ones that decide what happens within the family," says Mr Vangeert. "Their wishes become so strong that parents have to work very hard to give them what they want. Sometimes, there can be a lack of balance between the happiness of the child and that of the parent."
If only I'd been born in Baghdad...
"The UK has been accused of failing its children, as it comes bottom of a league table for child well-being across 21 industrial countries."


1. Netherlands
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Finland
5. Spain
6. Switzerland
7. Norway
8. Italy
9. Republic of Ireland
10. Belgium
11. Germany
12. Canada
13. Greece
14. Poland
15. Czech Republic
16. France
17. Portugal
18. Austria
19. Hungary
20. United States
21. United Kingdom
Source: Unicef

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Anonymous said...


Post article today decrying the fact that sports don't turn boys into girls. how terrible.

Neo Conservative said...

now, if the unicef researchers had interviewed me in my hormone soaked, pot-smoking, surly teenage years, i could have told them some horror stories about my upbringing as well.

most of it total melodramatic, self-involved teenage horseshit, but hey... you want science, go talk to stephen hawking.