25 February 2007

Too many chiefs...

Not enough research.

Discussions in the media and among the public are tainted by the general sentiment that "the Indians have been treated badly," as if all Indians have been treated the same, and are equally deserving, and have identical histories, and have identical legal claims.
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UPDATE: Unhappy Anniversary

Step aside McShifty... let's have some leadership...
“There's a tool (Mr. McGuinty) has in his toolbox — it's called being the Premier of Ontario and acting like a premier,” Mr. Tory said.

“He should say to these people that it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter what your claim is. We have certain ways of resolving disputes in our society.”

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Anonymous said...

'Our' ancestors treated 'their' ancestors. Badly?

Neo Conservative said...

did you even read the linked article?

legally, - and this guy is a lawyer -, the aboriginal community is pullin' this shit out of thin air.

i've got an idea... let's put charles and camilla on trial for what the british government did to my irish ancestors.

what... you don't feel my pain?

where does it end?


Anonymous said...

Well, you could end your pain by growing up.

Six Nations presented evidence this week.

Harper refuses to acknowledge or evaluate the evidence.

Instead, he is playing politics.
Go figure ... give a man a chance to be Prime Minister and what does he do?
He cheats and lies and dishonours the Constitution.
Nice example.

my puny brain said...

It's the lawless thugs that are acting like a bunch of grade three's with a substitute teacher ( or is that a substitute premier).

My family emigrated here in 1820, absolutely nothing but trees to greet them. I still have the land grant given to my 5th
g-grandfather. Maybe i'll go sit on the current owners land and see what happens ... I doubt the OPP would treat me in the same fashion !

Neo Conservative said...

anony-mouse said... Six Nations presented evidence this week.

okay... the mainstream media must have missed it, too.

sock it to me... let's have that evidence.


Neo Conservative said...

my puny brain said... i'll go sit on the current owners land and see what happens

no, no... what you do is dig a trench across the end of his driveway with a backhoe and block him from coming or going. you stay there until he gives up his home.

don't worry about money... dalton mcguinty will pay for it all.


my puny brain said...

Neo... the grant does say his heirs and successors forever ... I say it's time for McGutless to repatriate my homeland ! It's MY birthright !