13 February 2007

Hillary, Billary... round and round

Maybe it's just me, but when you have to invoke the memory of a disingenuous serial adulterer -- who also happens to be your husband -- to drive the vote... I'm thinkin' you're in trouble.

“It helps her because we know Bill Clinton and we love Bill Clinton. We know him and his foibles. We know he loves his Dunkin’ Donuts; we know his love for burgers,” said State Representative Patricia M. McMahon, a longtime ally of both Clintons.
Yeah... that's not all he loved... is it?

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Anonymous said...

Cigars, interns, power, any skirt really, the ability to drop bombs to deflect an investigation against him, that sort of thing.

Neo Conservative said...

"any skirt really" says it all... in my most depraved, self involved period, i wouldn't have prodded monica lewinsky... with your cigar.

i just wanna know, who was actually running the country while clinton was plowing through the female staffers?