01 February 2007

Politics, ideology and scaremongering

Margaret Wente is taking questions live at the Globe.

Kyoto always was unworkable for a number of reasons. The only countries that are meeting their Kyoto commitments are those whose economies have seriously declined (like Russia).

In all the other signatory countries (not just Canada), greenhouse gas emissions have increased.

It's also worth keeping in mind that even if all the Kyoto targets had been met, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions would have been negligible.
A singular truth on this much ballyhooed topic...
Only one thing is for sure: Science isn't all that is driving this debate. Politics, ideology and scaremongering are too."
GOTCHA UPDATE: Let's not forget outright lies
One Liberal blogger is trying to counter with his own ad. But it flops. He manages to find a clip of John Baird, Minister of the Environment, stating "our party has got into a mess on the environment".

The problem is that Baird was quoting Liberal Michael Ignatieff.

And Ignatieff was talking about the Liberal Party.

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