22 February 2007

Liberal dominated Senate...

Gives Dion a good spanking...

If it wasn't for bad luck, it seems Stephane Dion would have no luck at all.

-- OTTAWA -- A Senate committee says controversial provisions in the anti-terror law should be extended for three years, but it has also suggested more safeguards for civil liberties be built into the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The special Senate committee says the two elements of the act dealing with preventive arrests and investigative hearings have a place in dealing with terrorism and should be renewed.
In a rare display of "appreciation of the greater good", the Senate has decided to back the Harper government's intent to renew the anti-terror legislation for another three years.

This should have been a no-brainer for the Liberals -- after all, it was their legislation originally -- but in his headlong rush to differentiate himself from Stephen Harper, Dion apparently decided to chuck common-sense out the window.

For all his reputed intellectual credentials, I have yet to see Dion pull a rabbit out of his academic tophat.

Oh yeah... he named his dog Kyoto.

Read the decision
The Supreme Court of Canada has voted unanimously to strike down a controversial federal procedure used to deport suspected terrorists as being a violation of life, liberty and security of the person.
With Canadian troops fighting in Afghanistan, most law enforcement and security specialists agree that it is only a matter of time, before the jihadis bring the holy war to our backyard.

While I see what the Supreme Court is saying regarding "security certificates", I think that this will all go by the wayside, once that first explosion kills Canadian citizens on Canadian soil.

At that point the families of the dead and injured will no doubt be screaming, "Where is OUR justice?"

I hope they have an answer.

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Mac said...

As a siberian husky owner, I worry about Kyoto, being stuck with such an idiotic owner.

As a tax payer in Canada, I worry about Kyoto, and being stuck with such an idiotic wealth redistribution program.

Neo Conservative said...

Liberal bigwig Eddie Goldenberg just admitted that signing Kyoto -- like the Farmer Bob Rifle Registry -- was a huge Liberal PR stunt.

" -- OTTAWA (CP) -- The previous Liberal government ratified the Kyoto Protocol knowing Canada wasn't ready to take the tough measures needed to address climate change and would likely miss the deadlines for reducing emissions, says a top adviser to former prime minister Jean Chretien."

The terrorist legislation vote, which is, even now, splitting his own caucus... which Dion is also apparently gonna whip, even after it gets a green light from the liberal dominated senate... that smacks of political suicide.


Anonymous said...

Israel can breath easier now.

Neo Conservative said...

"Anonymous said... Israel can breath easier now."

jeez... which one are you, dopey or sneezy?

israel doesn't have 3,000 front-line troopers killing tali-butt in afghanistan... we do.

you think we're not a target?

nothing like a dumb as dogshit anony-mouse anti-semite to make your day complete.