14 February 2007

C'mon Kathy, spit it out...

Tell us how you really feel.

Blogging is supposed to be rude, anarchic and distinctly "unofficial". Hiring a "campaign blogger" is like hiring a "campaign farter" or setting up a "campaign mosh pit."

Guys, I've written of Justin Trudeau that "there's never an avalanche around when you need one."

I've called Arabs "violent retards" repeatedly.

The Conservative Party of Canada would, if they thought of me at all, which they don't, dearly like me to go very far away.
She's the Jack Russell Terrier of the Blogosphere and much like that fierce little mutt... fascinating to watch, especially when she gets hold of something soft and juicy.

Coffee and Kathy, the pause that refreshes.

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To Kinsella and the fembot army anyway...
The Obama campaign is running on melanin because it can't run on track record.

Having elevated a biomolecule to the status of "political virtue", what other outcome is possible, than to provoke debate about whether it is present in sufficient purity and quantity?
The lefties are always dancing around inconvenient truths... no wonder they're always trippin' over their ballet slippers.

postscript: I'm guessin' SDA will get 30,000 hits before end of day. Not bad for someone the leftbots have tagged as "beneath consideration."

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Anonymous said...

A good example why blogging will never get the trust, dignity, or respect that it wishes. The gladiator arena of public opinion relies too much on unsubstantiated hearsay and emotional outbursts to ever gain a mediocre level of trust with anyone who likes at least a modicum of honesty in reporting.

Kathy Shaidle said...

I'm used to getting called a "dog" by The Other Side, dude! Sheesh!


PS: I never wanted trust, dignity or respect. Bloggers who "wish" such things are in the wrong medium and so are their readers.

Neo Conservative said...

"why blogging will never get the trust, dignity, or respect that it wishes"

hey, anony-mouse... ya think maybe there's a little bit of transference here?

blogging doesn't WANT or NEED anything... but apparently you do.

trust, dignity, or respect... have you considered entering a convent?


Neo Conservative said...

kathy... a buddy of mine raises jacks... he uses them for hunting coyotes and such.

i have to tell you, when a jack russell looks in the mirror, he obviously sees a lion looking back at him.

my favourite jack russell story is about my buddy's dog "bart". one day billy looks out the window and sees his horse spinning round and round in the corral... and fastened to the horses tail, like a weight on the end of a rope, is, you guessed it... bart.

seems old bart had lost a toe when one of the horses stepped on his foot... and after a little convalescence, bart was back to get some payback.



Kathy said...

At 4'11", terrier is as good a comparison as any for me. Little dogs don't understand how small they are, which is part of their charm, it is true.

However, watching the Westminster yesterday, it seems they've changed their names to Pastor Russels. What is up with that.

CGHill said...

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America has never gotten along with the AKC, and dogs in the AKC's JRT registry are not allowed in JRTCA events. A breakaway group of JRT breeders formed a separate group, which AKC recognized as the parent breed club; AKC's Parson Russell and the JRTCA's Jack Russell do have slight differences and may diverge further in future years.