15 February 2007

Don't get sick...

If you live in Belleville, Ontario...

The Belleville hospital emergency department is full and Quinte Health Care officials have asked that people seeking medical attention find alternate care such as a clinic or family doctor.

Calling the situation serious, "three elective (non-urgent) surgeries have been cancelled, patients are being transferred to other QHC sites and more beds have been opened at Belleville", said Bruce Laughton, QHC’s president and chief executive officer.

“The bottom line is that our emergency department in Belleville is full,” he said, Thursday. “People should still come to the emergency department if they feel they need to; however, they should be prepared for a long wait if it is not a critical case.”
Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman, says he can't do anything because the cupboard is bare.

Strangely enough... Dalton McGuinty and his pal George found enough cash to vote themselves a big fat 25% raise just before Christmas...
Ontario is working toward measuring and reducing wait times for all surgeries but there's not enough money in provincial coffers right now to fund the extra nurses, anesthesiologists and operating rooms, Health Minister George Smitherman said Wednesday.
At least we now know where the OHIP Health Care "Premium" went.

Let's toss these crooks out.

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my puny brain said...

"I won't cut your taxes, but I won't raise them, either

Health Care Premium :$1000/yr


Neo Conservative said...

tell me which hospital george smitherman goes to when he gets sick... i wanna ask him whether he's ever had to wait 7 hours to see the er doctor.

oh wait... he probably has a family physician... i've heard about those guys.


Anonymous said...

Liberal Liars make me sick, besides poorer.