10 February 2007

More stupid-ass pot stirring...

From the Globe and Mail...

"PM drops puck, but won't divulge when he'll drop the writ"
From the G and M comments...
-- I can see the G M Sunday headline: "Harper takes a piss, but not a drop about an election -- "

Then Monday: "Harper drops his car keys, but unlocks nothing about an election"

Then Tuesday: "Harper takes his wife to dinner, drops his napkin. Is an election far off?"
UPDATE: What about real news?
In the wake of the Adscam scandal, it was revealed that of all judges appointed by the Liberals -- not advisory panel members, but judges themselves -- nearly two-thirds had personal ties to the governing party.

If one added in those from law firms with Liberal connections, the total shot up to nearly three-quarters.

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hunter said...

I read that one, too funny. That's about the state the MSM is in, still busy making the news instead of reporting it!

Neo Conservative said...

it's a real eye-opener, after you've been blogging for a while... to see how much of the mainstream news is really days old, or just another take on their most eminent bias.

the globe and its little brother ctv are especially egregious offenders.

what i really love is the odd time the media-bots who read the news... step on each others lines.

it's a hoot.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Nice catch!

Neo Conservative said...

joanne... truly, sometimes, they just write themselves... and you simply have to scoop them out of the stream.