24 February 2007

Bob Rae only swings one way

C'mon guys, he got naked with Rick Mercer... that should count for something.

With Bill Graham's recently announced resignation, the parliamentary seat in Rosedale is apparently up for grabs... but not just for any candidate.

Who you nuzzle at night is apparently an important job qualification... to gay United Church minister Rob Oliphant anyway.

"I've been a Liberal all my life. Bob Rae has been a Liberal for a number of months," says Oliphant. "I think it's time for this riding to have an openly gay representative."
Representing the lesbian constituency is lawyer Meredith Cartwright...
"My political consciousness was formed in 1993 over the [failed] same-sex omnibus bill before the Ontario Legislature, and like so many of my peers, I have been working tirelessly to achieve these rights for the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans] community," says Cartwright.
OUTtv host Mathieu Chantelois, with the blessing of his partner Marcel is also apparently in the running.

So if you're a straight white guy with lifelong leftwing credentials, you better not show your skinny ass in this neighbourhood.

The sign is out, "Heterosexuals need not apply."


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I'm certainly not outing the man. Almost everyone in the gay community knows that Graham is gay -- even if he is married -- but mostly the press is not willing to say it in plain English.

So spake novelist, poet, filmmaker, director, actor, and drag queen extraordinaire.... Sky Gilbert.

Admittedly, Graham, instead of admitting his sexuality, deftly evades the topic.

"I was made foreign minister by the prime minister," he says. "I believe I have his support and I have the love and support of my family and friends. People might be interested in that aspect of my private life, but it is not relevant."
Say what you will about ole Sky... he isn't running some peek-a-boo game about his homosexuality... like some career politicians.

I can respect that.

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Reality Bites said...

When the Conservatives parachute an openly gay or lesbian and formerly Liberal candidate into Red Deer and the local party accepts it without complaint, they'll be in a position to criticize what's happening in Toronto Centre - a riding where Bob Rae's most noticible contribution is screwing over gays and lesbians while he was premier, and having them dragged out of the legislature by security guards who put on rubber gloves before touching them.

Neo Conservative said...

dear mr. or ms. bites...

when the conservative party makes sexual preference the over-riding consideration in choosing a candidate it will cease to be regarded as a serious enterprise.

on the positive side, at least we're gonna be past the bill graham cat and mouse hypocrisy.

now, far be it from me to defend commie bob... but he gets excluded because he's not queer... because he didn't sing from the homo handbook,,, and you're good with that?

gotta love that liberal inclusiveness.


Anonymous said...

Liberals are so narrow-minded they reduce everything to stereotype.

Do Liberals get upset when a 'non-white' person gets elected in a region that is mostly 'white'? If not, shouldn't they? They would if they were consistent.

Liberals condescendingly embrace racism/sexism, keeping it alive and calling it a good thing.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm still waiting for dalton mcguinty to address the shortage of "left-handed samoan neurologists" in my community.