05 February 2007

There's no avoiding it

Taking responsibility for your personal choices.

Margaret Somerville, founding director of McGill University's Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law, says early testing will essentially eliminate Downs syndrome as women opt to abort affected fetuses in “humanity's quest for perfection.”

It's a search and destroy mission,” Dr. Somerville said.
I'm afraid I have to part company with Dr. Somerville here.

The fact is, in an increasingly complicated, technology driven world... there is one unvarying constant in this situation.

You still get to choose what's right for you.

In this case, there is first... no way that your doctor, or the government, can force you to take these tests against your will. Second... in our current societal paradigm, there is similarly no mechanism that can force a person of conscience to abort against their wishes.

Unless the nanny-state Liberals choose to take this power away from the masses... this is still your call.


Just as it's entirely your call... to drive on your side of the dotted line on your next trip to the grocery store. The only thing that's stopping you from slamming your two ton rubber and steel projectile into oncoming traffic, or the young kid walking his dog, or the local storefront chapter of Planned Parenthood... is you.

And you make that choice daily.

So choose.

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hunter said...

I was 36 when I had my first child, my doctor wanted me to have all sorts of tests, I asked why would I have them, so I could learn months earlier that my baby might have Down's? I refused then and for my second child that I had at 38. Both are perfectly healthy, thank God, but I was willing to accept and love any baby that God gave to me.

This testing smacks of the Nazi's perfect race programs. Do these people not see this?

Neo Conservative said...

hunter, i admire the strength of your convictions... but, in the end, each one of us makes choices for ourselves, and yes... our children. i cannot control, short of physical force, anything anyone else chooses to do.

my point was... that the final arbiter of any choice, be it abortion, euthanasia or mass murder is entirely self-driven.

there is nothing, except yourself, that prevents you from picking up a rock and bashing someones brains out.

even devoutly religious persons must acknowledge that their god stands by watching... while people make good, and yes, what I would call horrendously evil choices.

it's all you kiddo.