12 February 2007

Iranian Idol

Just when you think you've figured Iran out...

The key to Rajabpour’s success and why he is an unlikely modern revolutionary is that he succeeds as a pop entrepreneur by having a very good grasp of the laws and jurisprudence of the Islamic republic.

He’s now working on what he thinks is the perfect rock band for Iran. “It has the usual things: drums, bass, guitars . . . but with girls!”

They’re going to be Iran’s answer to the Spice Girls...
It's sometimes hard to believe this is a state that aspires to feudal theocracy...
I discovered a mass of contradictions. Tehran has one of the highest rates of cosmetic surgery among young people -- and terrible poverty.

One day I went to a pro-Hezbollah protest in the morning and a recording studio with Benyamin in the afternoon.
No wonder Ahmadinejad seems so schizophrenic.

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In the interview with ABC Television in Tehran, Mr Ahmadinejad was asked if he feared a US military attack.

"Fear? Why should we be afraid?" he asked.
Hey, Mahmoud... you wanna play a little poker?

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