26 February 2007

Down boy... down!

Fresh off his " -- Nationalise the Oil Sands and piss off the West 2007 Tour -- " Liberal pit bull Mark Holland has now turned to biting his friends and neighbours...

-- OTTAWA -- Two Liberal colleagues are in a dogfight over two different bills aimed at cracking down on animal cruelty.

Senator John Bryden has authored a private member's bill that would dramatically stiffen penalties for those who abuse animals.

But MP Mark Holland is urging his Liberal colleagues to defeat Mr. Bryden's "placebo" bill, arguing that it's meaningless to impose stiffer fines and jail terms without simultaneously closing loopholes that allow animal abusers to escape conviction.
Thank goodness Holland is bringing his unique talents to this matter, rather than, say... wasting energy on foreign policy, or the kerfuffle over domestic security.

Hey Mark... that constant barking and messy foaming at the mouth thing?

They've got an operation to fix that.

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"It's a mistake, it's divisive and has affected the morale of the caucus. If this was brand new legislation and the Liberals didn't have their fingerprints all over it from before, then it would be different but it's not.

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