02 February 2007

Murderers and rapists...

Deserve real time.

The government is considering possible changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act that would sharply increase the number of young offenders sent to adult jails, according to a memo obtained by CTV News.

The memo sketches a "preferred option" that would "give the Crown discretion to use adult criminal justice procedures for youths aged 16 and 17 who are charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter or aggravated sexual assault."
I'd sooner pay to keep murderers in jail, than for senators to vacation in Dubai.

UPDATE: Well, speak of the devils
The 19-year-old former high school football captain and first-year Mohawk College business student was attacked in May 2001 and beaten with sticks and bats after leaving a house party with his girlfriend.

He died the next day from head injuries

Sam Nop, 24, and Fadil Mujku, 23, can apply for parole in six or seven years.

Due to a two-for-one credit for time served, Stephen Papadopoulos, 26, was released from Maplehurst prison last night. He was convicted of manslaughter.
UBER-UPDATE: The Big Apple bites back
A man who shot two undercover police officers in the head has become the first person in more than 50 years to be sentenced to death in a federal case in New York and could become the first man executed there since the 1960s.

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Anonymous said...

I said it on a fiblog page and I'll say it here, murder is murder and you deserve to rot for it for as long as you live, that being said, yes I'm against the death penalty....it's just to simple for them that way..we in canada already treat our inmates like gold and it disgusts me, people in remand have it worse then those who have actually been deemed murderers and rapists.

Anonymous said...

Now you'll hear all the 'experts' who claim that locking people up doesn't do anything. Well, since 43 convicted murderers were released and murdered AGAIN over the last 7 years, I would say locking people up IS effective.

Neo Conservative said...

how would the liberals know if serious time is an effective deterrent?

their revolving door, catch and release policy just tells these guys... if you get caught, you get your cushy programmed life with full gym privileges and a free education back.


Anonymous said...

Liberals don't care about victims of crime, if they did they would help the Conservatives.

Neo Conservative said...

the fiberals are too busy helping themselves to the taxpayer pot o gold...

friends don't let friends vote fiberal