06 February 2007

This used to be called...

Attempted murder...

Try doing this with a puppy... and I guarantee you'll be hunted, charged and vilified on national television.

Apparently, with babies... you get a pass.

"She was upset, extremely confused," Staff Sgt. Kirby Harmon of the Saskatoon police service told reporters Tuesday.

"She didn't have supports in place and it added to her bad decision-making."
Uh, excuse me officer... she dumped a newborn baby on a stranger's doorstep at sunrise and walked away.

Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to mention...

The temperature was –29 C.

If you get caught driving drunk, they take away your licence. Fire a gun in your back yard, they'll prohibit you from owning firearms.

This twinkie can go out and get pregnant again next month.

Because society has loudly and clearly affirmed she's just a victim.

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Suzanne said...

I wouldn't call it attempted murder. Her intention wasn't to kill the baby; simply to find someone else to take care of him. Leaving the baby out in -29 weather was stupid to say the least, but she correctly predicted someone would pick up the baby. I think it should be a lesser charge of child abandonment.

Neo Conservative said...

The temperature was –29 C.

she didn't turn the child in to a hospital.

she didn't knock on the door... she didn't tell anyone it was there.

if you shoot a gun at someone and you miss... it's still attempted murder.

if the baby had died... what would you have charged her with... bad decision-making?


Mark said...

Had the baby died, I think she may have been charged with manslaughter. I doubt she intended for her child to die.

At the same time, her decision indicates that she wasn't thinking about the baby first; she was thinking about herself. She wanted to remain anonymous and the baby's life was an acceptable risk to take to achieve that result.

Her decision-making abilities aren't bad; they're abysmal. Sometimes, however, people resort to braindead "solutions" when they are convinced there's no other way out. Lack of supports may explain the situation, but it hardly justifies it.

WED said...

This is retarded. I'm moving to the States.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, it's a WOMAN who abandoned the baby, so there will be no charges. Now if it was a MAN, there would be. That's how Cdn Justice works...

Anonymous said...

...And to think there are probably thousands of couples Saskatoon who would just love to have this child. She wilfully & needlessly put this precious baby in jeopardy (likely out of embarrassment) ... Nail her ass, if only to hopefully prevent someone else from committing such stupidity!!

Neo Conservative said...

there apparently are no crimes anymore... when even the perpetrators are victims.

being a heroin addict, or being morbidly obese, or abandoning a baby in the middle of a killing winter freeze just means society has failed you in some indefinable way.

when society chooses to ignore offenses... indeed, makes excuses for such things... it tacitly accepts them as legitimate behaviour.

if you condone a massive increase in drug addicted prostitutes... why would anyone be surprised by a willie pickton?

as we have to live with the result... or die with it.


James Higham said...

It was at the very least manslaughter. As the baby didn't die, then it's attempted murder.

Anonymous said...

"being a heroin addict, or being morbidly obese, or abandoning a baby in the middle of a killing winter freeze just means society has failed you in some indefinable way.

hehe .. reminds me of "Momma's too thin and your Daddy's too fat ...Get over it ..." The Eagles ... Sadly, it seems there is no concept of personal accountiblity anymore.

Neo Conservative said...

my puny brain said... it seems there is no concept of personal accountability anymore.

it has come down to that leftbot mantra espoused by hillary clinton... "it takes a village idiot..."

and the so-called progressives are eating this shit up.


Radmila said...

As someone else mentioned above this comment, if it was a man...he would have been charged and vilified by the media. If a woman does it, she has mental health issues.

The same goes when a woman murders her children. She has post-natal depression and she needs help.
If anyone remembers a year or so ago, a family was murdered by the mother, who then killed herself.
The immediate take was that it was the husbands doing until the facts came out a few days later.

Only women can have mental health issues when it comes to harm done to children. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, anyone who harms another person has mental health issues, male or female.

Neo Conservative said...

exactly the point... lets get back to one law for everyone... no special treatment for race, gender or anything else.


vicki said...

This is evidence of 'situational ethics' intead of living by a moral code.Take God's moral law out and you have everyone's interpretation of what is right and wrong, no longer black and white....and resulting confusion.

trustonlymulder said...

Neo, to all those who have said she was trying to make sure the baby was found, she could have left it on a bench in a mall and walked away leaving it somewhere warm.

Toss her in a cell for a few years to set a precedent for future confused moms and stipulate that if the baby was left somewhere where it would have been found VERY quickly and the temperature was reasonable and leave a couple of bottles for whomever finds the baby, then the sentence might get reduced or waived. But in -29C, I say she should do time.

Neo Conservative said...

Don't try this...if you have a penis.

In Canada... we apparently love situational ethics.

How about, if the mom is Chinese, we have reduced sentences if the baby is female? You know, because... in China, baby girls aren't worth as much as boys.