19 February 2007

Gazing into the crystal ball

He screwed Ontarians over with his, "it's not a tax" health care premium... how long will it take Dalton McShifty and his oh-so-green buddies, to throw up toll roads?

If he goes with the flow, we could see a few a changes...

-- Monday, London's controversial toll zone, in which motorists pay an £8 ($15.60) daily fee to drive, was extended westward into the upscale neighborhoods of Chelsea and Knightsbridge – home to such landmarks as Harrods department store. At almost 16 square miles, it's nearly double its original size. --
Never happen in Ontario, you say?
Premier Dalton McGuinty's plans to use tolls to pay for the four-laning of Highway 69 has an Ontario truckers group "nervous" about the province's objectives.

He calls upon the Liberals to spell out their plans with a policy framework, such as a toll-road user protection act, to ensure highway users "aren't being taken to the cleaners."
I wouldn't be so sure.

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Swift said...

I'll be going the long way, via North Bay. More greenhpouse gas emissions instead of less. I haven't used 407 or the Skyway, when it was a toll bridge either.

Anonymous said...

Let's be frank here: they don't want people driving anymore. Only the rich or those conducting business or those willing to pay the stiff costs in future will be driving anywhere if they get their way with us.
(real conservative)

Anonymous said...

McLiar's spending habits will force higher taxes, tolls, fees, 'premiums' etc. etc. on everything imaginable in Ontario.

It's not a question of if but when he will impose tolls.

McLiar's vision for Ontario is to become a 'have-not' province because if a critical mass of voters is totally dependent on government, they'll always vote for more Liberal dependence regardless of corruption or lies.