20 February 2007

Natural Floundering Party

There is blood in the water as Liberals begin to realise that Stephane Dion is more of a dog paddler, than a distance swimmer.

In view of his less than stellar performance, even party stalwarts are looking to toss Dion the water wings.

-- "The tendency must be to defer long-term efforts at party renewal in favour of short-term plans for an immediate election," Mr. Axworthy wrote in the letter to Mr. Dion.
So much for refitting the Good Ship Lollipop.

UPDATE: My apologies to the Doggerel Party, and indeed, to dogs everywhere...
"We think Dion swims like a cat, or possibly a brick."

-- The Corgis --
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Paul Martin solicited the support of the terrorist International Sikh Youth Federation in his failed bid for the federal Liberal leadership in 1990, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

At the time of Martin's spring 1990 speech, the ISYF had already been identified as a terrorist group by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Four in the group had been convicted in B.C. of the attempted assassination of a visiting Indian politician. Other B.C. members had met with a young would-be assassin who shot newspaper publisher Tara Singh Hayer in 1988.
Any port in a storm, I guess.

NUMBERS UPDATE: Ipsos Reid -- Dion in a tailspin
"Even on Dion's ballot question, which is commitment to deal with global warming, someone else is ahead of him and he's tied with the guy who he points out as being the worst on this," he said.

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Clive said...

We think Dion swims like a cat, or possibly a brick. The Corgis.

Anonymous said...

Liberals will do anything to gain power over Canadians, the fact that dozens of Canadians have been killed by terrorists is of little importance to Liberal voters - they're usually wealthy and well insulated from violence, so they don't care.

Neo Conservative said...

another stunt like his universally acknowledged do-nothing, yappy-ass y2kyoto legislation will be enough to finish dion and the fiberals.