03 February 2007

As Canadian as suicide bombing

The U.S. military has filed murder charges against the only Canadian being held at Guantanamo Bay prison.

Khadr, who was born in Toronto and lived for years in various southern Ontario communities, was arrested in Afghanistan in July 2002.

The U.S. military alleges that he killed an American medic in a grenade attack, which wounded several other American soldiers.
Just how Canadian was Khadr and his family anyway?

Like Gamil Gharbi... he was "not one of us."
As Licia Corbella wrote in an excellent article in the Calgary Sun, Gharbi/ Lepine was "Not one of us". He wasn't a hunter, farmer or gun collector, but the product of an abusive, misogynistic father.

This so obviously affected young Gamil that, at 18 years of age, he legally changed his name, trying to erase the bad juju his father had inflicted on his family.
It really doesn't matter what it says on your passport... you can't be a Canadian AND a Jihadi.

So choose.

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Anonymous said...

Canadian money went to the Tamil Tigers in the 80's in order to help them develop the suicide bomb vest - so something can be as 'Canadian as suicide bombing'.

Neo Conservative said...

Ah yes... there is no depth to which the Liberals will not sink...

"I have little faith in Liberals and you happen to be one, who are still supporting the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorist outfit.

Some of the culprits are, Jim Karygiannis, Maria Minna, Paul Martin, Bill Graham, Judy Sgro, Albina Guarnieri, Joe Volpe, John McCallum, John McKay, Bryon Wilfert and Roy Cullen, to name a few.

You may recognize them as the ones who lobbied in caucus not to ban the Tamil Tigers when you were in charge of the Justice and Attorney General Ministries.