05 February 2007

More welfare obviously the answer

Because the culture of dependency has been working so well for the last hundred years...

One in 10 aboriginal children is in foster care, compared to one in 200 non-aboriginal children...
I'm sure the nanny-state fiberals would agree... it's the government, not the parents, who are responsible for child-rearing. Or you can just dump the kids on the grandparents...
Esme Fuller-Thompson, an associate professor of social work at the University of Toronto, said 17 per cent of all caregiving grandparents are of First Nations origin.

"This was easily more than five times the numbers you'd expect to find given the population," she said.

Today, however, Fuller-Thompson and other researchers are finding children are usually driven into their grandparents' homes when their parents succumb to substance abuse.
Hmmm... could it be that generations of never-ending government welfare is driving all these numbers? Or have the parents just given up?
Even after midnight during a weekday, many children can be spotted roaming through the town, which sees less than five hours of daylight and temperatures often hovering between -30 and -50 during January. “I don't know,” an eight-year-old Inuit girl said, when asked where her parents were.
Don't worry about the statistical carnage, you can blame it all on Stephen Harper... despite the fact that the Liberals did nothing to improve "the problem" during their 13 years in office.
Nunavut has the highest per capita homicide rate in Canada.
This list could go on and on, but you get the point.

The fact that the aboriginal community feels that, rather than taking responsibility for raising their own children, they can just sue the government for more welfare... speaks to a serious moral and cultural deficit.

The aboriginal community could take an honest look at its own shortcomings, with an eye to taking some responsibility... but, let's face it, it's easier just to sue.

And these huge problems are all about taking the easy way out.

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