20 February 2007

It's a problem alright.

It's not easy to know what to do, when, like so many other third world hellholes... there's a dozen villains for every decent person.

-- “Unfortunately, the majority of the lower and upper houses of parliament are warlords and people with blood on their hands,” said Nafas Gul, a female senator for Farah province who voted against the resolution.

“It's a betrayal of the rights of Afghans.”
There are those, like Jack Layton, who would have left all the warlords to their own devices... which translated into a society based on murder and torture and wholesaling heroin to the civilised world.

And there are those who opt to attempt to move such a society into the company of modern democratic nations.

Sometimes... I believe, despite all obstacles and compromises, you have to do what you can.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a good sign actually - the warlords are worried about punishment from the government, that means they are starting to respect the power and authority of the government since they never cared much about their public image anyhow.

The current Afghan government should throw them this bone for the sake of stability now, stinky as that may be, justice may still be served some time in the future.

Neo Conservative said...

nothing to do with fear... switching sides for a bribe, or when you see the other guy winning is a longstanding cultural tradition in afghanistan. it's why they offered captured russian soldiers the chance to convert to islam and fight their former comrades.

what we see as treachery, they see as part of the bigger game. buying off the enemy and being bought off aren't seen as dishonourable.

it's also why they're constantly at war... the conflict never ends, factions just re-form and have at it again and again.