15 February 2007

Gearing up for the threat

So much for the bucolic image of the inoffensive, unarmed British Bobby...

Armed officers will be patrolling the streets as part of a new task force set up to tackle a spate of fatal shootings in south London.

It will run alongside Operation Trident, which investigates gun crime in London's Afro-Caribbean community.
Exactly how long do you put up with this kind of crime before you take off the rose coloured glasses. I guess the answer is... until you have "a spate" of killings.
The lack of role models in some households is an issue, he admitted. "Some of these young people have got very little connection to stable community lives," he added.
Oh please, spare me the politically correct leftbot mumbo-jumbo. There's a problem here and it's time for the good guys to gear up and resolve it.

Root causes my ass... "use a gun, you're done."

UPDATE: Tony Blair weighs in
"What has happened in south London is horrific, shocking and, for the victims and their families, tragic beyond belief.

"This tragedy is not a metaphor for the state of British society, still less for the state of British youth today, the huge majority of whom are responsible and law-abiding.

"It's a specific problem and a specific criminal culture among a specific group of people."

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Anonymous said...

The 'Afro-Caribbean' community doesn't seem to have a problem with a spate of killings in their own countries, or in their 'diaspora' communities where ever they are - so host countries must just accept it in order to be seen to tolerate multiculturalism, anything less is oppression.

Neo Conservative said...

actually, if you google the homicide rate in, say... kingston, jamaica - it is truly frightening.

they don't have "spates" there... it's more like tsunamis.

leftbot note: pls have the actual numbers in hand... before coming here to call me a racist redneck.


Anonymous said...

That's right, the best way to fit into a 'different' culture is to sell drugs, collect welfare, and murder people.

Neo Conservative said...

if you have your own little government funded enclave, you don't have to fit in.

right now, there are places near paris where the cops have virtually ceded the territory to the "community." anyone living in these enclaves has to "live by the sword."

and good luck if your home catches fire, the firefighters won't try to go in anymore without heavy police escort.