11 February 2007

Little dialogue in Herouxville

I, for one, am pleased to hear that these Muslim women have stepped up in Herouxville and are willing to answer questions about their faith.

-- HEROUXVILLE, Que. -- A delegation of Muslim women is visiting a Quebec town that passed a controversial code aimed at immigrants.

The women were clad in traditional Muslim headscarves as they met with about 50 residents of Herouxville, where the town council passed the list of societal norms that would-be immigrants would have to adhere to.
I'm even willing to ask the first question...
If you found out your daughter was in love with a non-Muslim man, would you...

• Support her decision, even though it is anathema to Islam.

• Forbid her to ever see the man in question again.

Persuade the man in question to convert.

• Arrange a quickie marriage to an older man back home.

• Kill her to redeem the family honour.

• It's none of your "sons of pigs and apes" infidel business.

• Other (please elucidate).
Hey, relax... I'm just askin'.

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"I think it's reflective of the fact that Canada is actually fracturing into two nations, he said.

"The urban nation where 80 per cent of Canadians live, and the rural parts of Canada which do not have a lot of interaction with immigrants and different cultures."
Which one are you... sophisticated, urban metro-sexual, or dumb-as-dirt rural racist?

It has to be true... CTV called an expert.

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softtalk said...

Her answer doesn't matter. She will simply claim that you misunderstood her remarks.

TrustOnlyMulder said...

i wonder why no men went

Neo Conservative said...

a little reassurance would be nice...

no... we abhor the concept of honour killing

no... we do not regard all non-muslims as infidels or heretics

no... unlike the masses in the arab street, we did not dance and celebrate when the world trade center was destroyed

yes... we have left behind the tribal and religious hatreds that have made so many muslim countries absolute hellholes

yes... we choose to be canadians first

but that never seems to happen


Anonymous said...

I will proudly stand up as a dumb as dirt redneck racist, thank you.


Neo Conservative said...

i voted with my feet when i left toronto six years ago.

and they'll bury me here... because the thought of going back makes me feel unwell.

fast food, fast talkers... too much get out of my way, too little caring... they can have it all.


Anonymous said...

Not to be difficult, but why is it that muslims reacted to the herouxvile statement? Do muslims really disagree that public honour killings are bad? Do they think we should discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender or religion? (my what a nasty double edged sword for a minoriy to deal with if the answer is yes)

Why are we not giving equal time to the Chinese who "donate" the organs of those sentenced to death while they are still in prison?

Or to Hindu's who have practiced disposing of a wife by burning her to death? Or gang raping a girl in a family who can't pay a debt? These things really do happen. But this is Canada, right? and It can't happen here, right?

Perhaps a more salient question would be, If Islam is not permitted to be "the law" in Canada as it is in most islamic countries, can muslims live with that? The reason we are here is partly to escape the prejudices of the old-world. Of couse every new group of Immigrants brings it's fights for a few generations, and then they get over it.

Because the fight in the middle east among jewish, christian and Islamic faiths is ancient, and shows no signs of letting up EVER, if we chose to mix these faiths anywhere should we not be strict in the aplication of law over all of them? Should we not be most strict with those most likely to pick a "street fight", THE NEWEST ARIVALS?

We are in a place where EVERYONE IS free to let go of the pressures of the old world. Or are the people of Islam aware of something the non-islamic public is not?

Do people of Islam and other new immigants cherish peace,Order and Good government, the founding principles of Canada? Are they willing to practice tolerance by loving those they would feel pressured to hate in the old world?

Anonymous said...

Canada is the laughing stock of the world. People of good will and of all nationalities and religions are afraid to say what they think because radicals and extremists think they can browbeat us by crying "discrimination". They are the intolerant ones. If you don't like the way we do things here, go away!

Neo Conservative said...

Alternate headline... "Muslim women visit Quebec town, not stoned to death "