12 February 2007

Pop goes another weasel

While the mainstream media seems determined to only cover NATO setbacks, there is continuing good news in the War on Terror.

-- KABUL (Reuters) -- Several Taliban fighters were killed on Monday in an attack targeting a senior guerrilla leader closely linked to the Islamist movement's fugitive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, the U.S.-led coalition said in a statement.
There appears to have been a change in tactics. For anyone not following the minutiae of the conflict... in recent weeks there have been increasing numbers of surgical strikes on the Taliban leadership cadre.

I'm guessing the Tali-bosses are sleeping a little less soundly these days.

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Anonymous said...

Taliban Jack bin Layton won't have anyone to negotiate with if this keeps up!

How sad:(

And when is he going there? Surely he's had the time to get a good deal on a flight by now?

Neo Conservative said...

don't count on jack, or life partner olivia, with their goldplated pensions, to be putting their money where their marxism is... anytime soon.