15 February 2007

Liberals accuse Harper government...

Of making partisan judicial appointments.

What I found similarly interesting was another judge related matter...

TORONTO — An Egyptian who has been jailed in Canada for nearly seven years on suspicion of possible links of al-Qaeda was ordered freed on bail this morning by a Federal Court judge.

Mohammed Zeki Mahjoub worked on a Sudanese farm for Osama bin Laden in the mid-1990s but has faced no criminal charges since coming to Canada in as an asylum seeker.

He has been jailed under the Immigration Act's national-security provisions since 2000, but is now to be freed on some form of conditional release. Mr. Justice Richard Mosley has ruled that any threat that Mr. Mahjoub may represent has been effectively neutralized by his years of being locked away.
So what the judge is saying is... "Even if he was a terrorist... he can't be one ever again."

Which is typical Liberal pretzel logic

Who is Mr. Justice Richard Mosley?
Appointed Justice of the Federal Court and ex officio, member of the Federal Court of Appeal, November 4, 2003. Appointed as a Judge of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada on March 23, 2004.
This one's not on Stephen Harper.

RELATED: Liberal Hypocrisy abounds
The president of the National Liberal Women's Commission is Nicole Foster Woollatt. But besides being a top level Liberal Party executive, Woollatt moonlights as a lobbyist, and has been doing so since 2004.

Dion has already made it clear he intends to strongarm Alberta's energy sector, bending it to his will for both economic and environmental reasons.

But that same sector has hired Woollatt to help bend Ottawa to its will. That must put Woollatt in a difficult situation:

• She is being paid to influence the government, but she is currently working hard to defeat that government.

• She is working to elect a leader who has made it clear that Alberta oil sands development will be brought under severe restrictions should he come into power, but her corporate bosses are almost certainly eager to make sure he never gets that chance.

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