21 February 2007

David Suzuki wants his mummy

ECO-RAGE UPDATE: Mt Suzuki blows again

Albertans have always had the highest standard of living of any province in the country. What the hell do you need all this unlimited expansion, for God's sake, that's crazy," Suzuki told reporters Friday.

I saw Saint David and his huge global warming campaign bus on the Rick Mercer show the other night. For the love of Gaia... somebody please tell me he's running that bio-cidal behemoth on recycled french-fry grease...

While Suzuki normally presents as the jolly old elf of environmentalism, it seems the glaciers aren't the only things having a very public meltdown these days.

The perpetually smiling, cherubic Eco-Hero, apparently stormed out of an interview when confronted with science that suggested, in the words of Michael Crichton... "that global warning is at best unproven and at worst pure fantasy."

I recently read the book that Barbara Kay references in her article... it's an absolute must have for anyone interested in the increasingly celebrity dominated "global warming" industry.

Oh yeah... I'm not so sure about the planet, but maybe David Suzuki needs to cool off a little.

UPDATE: Who exactly pays the freight here?
The David Suzuki Foundation also received donations from EnCana Corporation, a world leader in natural gas production and oil sands development, ATCO Gas, Alberta’s principle distributor of natural gas, and a number of pension funds including the OPG (Ontario Power Generation)...
LAST WORD: How gullible are you?
Fix the problem of climate change, but only if the Liberal Party is in charge.

And being organized by two Liberals who for years, and until only a few weeks ago, were lobbyists for industrial concerns who were aggressively opposing any attempt to regulate bromines, recognized as one of the worst contributers to ozone depletion and temperature rise...

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