20 February 2007

Forget about your RRSP...

Have I got a sizzling hot stock tip for you...

-- MEXICO CITY -- Feb 20 (Reuters) - Mexico's armored-car makers predict 2007 will be a record year, their business boosted by reports of severed heads and heavily armed drug gangs murdering police.

Mexico counted more than 2,000 gangland-style killings last year, including grisly decapitations. Killings in northern and western states have continued at the same rate this year.
Sunny, friendly Mexico... where Kevlar is King.

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Anonymous said...

And our neighbours have an open border with those guys. Incredible.

Neo Conservative said...

and a popular vacation destination for canadians... despite all the mayhem in the papers lately.


Anonymous said...

people get shot and killed in calgary/vancouver/toronto/montreal all the time.

Neo Conservative said...

" Anonymous said... people get shot and killed in calgary/ vancouver/ toronto/ montreal all the time"."

Actually, you're way more likely to be murdered in Nunavut and NWT... than in the big cities. And there's a very specific demographic in urban centers too... stay away from hip-hop clubs and drug dealers and your odds go way down.

Canada has 500-600 total murders per annum... in Mexico, they had 2,000 gangland-style killings alone last year. The total homicide figure is much higher.

The nation-wide average for 2003 was 1.73 homicides per 100,000. Ranking all of the Provinces and Territories by murder rate for the year 2003 results in the following table:


PER 100,000
(1) Nunavut 10.21
(2) Northwest Territories 9.55
(3) Saskatchewan 4.12
(4) Manitoba 3.70
(5) Yukon 3.22
(6) British Columbia 2.24
(7) Alberta 2.00
(8) Ontario 1.45
(9) Quebec 1.34
(10) New Brunswick 1.07
(11) Newfoundland 0.96
(12) Nova Scotia 0.85
(13) Prince Edward Island 0.73

Oh yeah, one other important difference... in Canada, the cops and the judicial aren't totally corrupt.

You keep on trotting down there and support this rotting excuse for democracy... I'll spend my vacation dollars elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Venezuela - the socialist paradise - actually has the highest murder rate in the western hemisphere. Go Chavez!

Neo Conservative said...

Meanwhile, check out Canada, the international hellhole... according to Taliban Jack...

"The tragic fact is that we lure people to come here, we give them points for their experience, and their professional credentials," Layton, speaking in front of Toronto's Union Station, said Sunday.

Maybe TJ should move to Kabul, where he can really have social justice.