07 November 2006

Who killed Damon Crooks?

A Canadian citizen has been making headlines in America. And it's not good news.

COURT - He is accused of a vicious crime - one that is making headlines across North America. Yesterday, the 23-year-old charged in the slaying of a U.S. Navy sailor made his first court appearance.
The thug involved in this murder, Cory Wright, has a previous conviction for almost killing a man with... wait for it... a knife. It's not much of a stretch to say that the Canadian justice system helped him do it.
In 2002, Wright nearly killed a local barber, stabbing him 14 times in the back, neck, stomach and hands. The victim, Matthew Barton, required serious surgery and suffered permanent injuries to his facial muscles and one eye.

A second victim was severely wounded during the assault. According to the court decision from sentencing, Ghazala Ali was stabbed in her back and upper left shoulder.

In the 2004 sentencing decision, Justice David Gruchy wrote that Wright "repeatedly stabbed Mr. Barton with a knife, including wounds to the throat which indicate to me at least a momentary intention to kill.
So what type of punishment was meted out by the Canadian justice system for almost killing a man and wounding a second person in a knife attack?
"You have remained compliant with institutional rules and maintained your goal of abstinence," said a decision granting him day parole 10 months after his sentence was imposed.

"These positive changes reflect your effort and sincere desire to live a pro-social lifestyle." A psychiatric report assessed his risk for violent recidivism as low to moderate.
Paroled in ten months. Just in time to kill Damon Austin Crooks.

Cory Wright isn't the only responsible party in this man's death. The system charged with protecting us has failed spectacularly, yet again.
Serving his full - albeit short - sentence would have kept Wright in prison until next July.

But the board granted him day parole on Dec. 9, 2004, despite Halifax Regional Police opposing his release. Wright had served only 10 months and seven days.
Stephen Harper wants to get tough on criminals and you can make that happen. Vote Conservative.

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Anonymous said...

If Haper wanted to be tough on criminals he would have done it already. Hes been in office for almost a year and hasnt done crap other than delay Kyoto, and mess things up. Every politician says they will be tough on criminals, but they never do.

Neo Conservative said...

dear anony-mouse...

lemme see, kyoto came in the year before the 13-year federal liberal reign... and kyoto targets were totally ignored. instead of any improvement, things actually got much worse under the chretien & martin mandate.

so you think it's reasonable for the libs to expect the conservatives to turn around 13 years of total neglect in less than a year. that sounds fair.

as for crime, harper has proposed toughening the laws on the worst-of-the-worst criminals in our society... and the libs have said they'll fight him tooth and nail... just like the liberal dominated senate is currently watering down the federal accountability act.

just a thought, but before shooting off your mouth again, you might want to try reading a newspaper.