24 November 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Macleans has a media roundup (Globe, Star & Financial Post) on Jim Flaherty's economic update.

Flaherty's message seems simple enough, and positive to boot: "The economy is strong, government spending is focused, our debt is lower and taxes are coming down."

In other words, all is well. But to some critics, perhaps accustomed to more lofty ambitions during the short-lived Martin era, the 2006 Update is evidence of the federal government's shrinking vision for the country.

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Anonymous said...

A liberal and socialist's life is about dreams and what could be. Reality is treated with disdain and indifference.

A socialist is great when he or she pronounces great plans and impossible objectives but delivers nothing.

A man or woman with lesser ambitions but practical ones and for which each is achievable and achieved is treated with disparagement.

Neo Conservative said...

the sound of liberal music

same-sex dreams, kyoto schemes... these are a few of their favorite things

it sounds better when julie andrews sings it