05 November 2006

Saddam gets off easy

If there really was such a thing as divine justice, Saddam would be turned over, in series, to the families of the tens of thousands of people he had tortured & murdered and they would all be invited to carve a little piece off of him as a token of retribution.

It was mere days after he had grabbed power when Saddam Hussein summoned 400 top Iraqi officials, announcing he had uncovered a plot against the ruling party. The conspirators, he said, were in that very room.
Sadly, he will only be hung, once... and like Paul Bernardo's life sentence this is small retribution for the evil deeds he wrought in his wretched lifetime.
The plot was a lie. But in a few terrifying minutes on July 22, 1979, Saddam eliminated his potential rivals — consolidating the power he wielded for almost three decades as Iraq's president, until a U.S.-led coalition drove him out in 2003.
This is what he did to people within his own ruling elite.

You don't want to know what he did to people outside that inner circle. Trust me, you really don't.

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Anonymous said...

A deserved sentence- no doubt.

The question is whether this was the time and situation in which a trial should have taken place.

A true "war criminal" as the US is alleging should have been tried in a international criminal court or at the Hague - but the US wasn't satisfied with that for two reasons:
1) The Hague doesn't have the death penalty
2) The US doesn't want to recognize the authority of the international courts for fear their own generals (or president) might be put on trial)

Saddam should have been kept in jail until such time that he could have been put on trial WITHOUT a US occupational presence in the country. With US soldiers around, it lacks legitimacy.

The idea that the verdict showed up just a couple of days before the election and is being praised as yet another "turning point" is convenient, as well.

Neo Conservative said...

wil... you're speaking like a lawyer. put yourself in the shoes of the people he victimised.

he butchered people like cattle.

no, it was worse than that... he, his psychotic sons and all their cronies, raped, tortured and murdered like there was no tomorrow.

saddam has tens of thousands of long, agonising deaths to his credit and my only regret is that even if we could kill him again & again it would never balance the scales for what he did.

so, unlike our neat and tidy 60 minute legal dramas, where the bad guys invariably get their just desserts, after taking advantage of all the legal niceties... this fucker should be put down as hard and as slowly as possible... and after it's over, the families of his victims should be allowed to file past and spit on his disgusting corpse.

and it still won't be enough.

allthings said...

BREAKING NEWS: he has had is sentance changed - you can read about it here

Anonymous said...

Agreed - looking at it from a victim standpoint sheds different light on the situation.

I still would have preferred that someone kept him locked up until the US was out of Iraq- it would have made the people of Iraq feel more like it was their trial of Saddam instead of America's.

Neo Conservative said...

wil... i see what you're saying here.

sometimes, in this imperfect world, you do what you can.