10 November 2006

Who are they protecting?

The NDP and the Liberal party are opposing Stephen Harper's "get tough on crime" bill. They think it's too draconian.

On criminals, that is. Like the murderers of a 15 year old girl.

Here's a prime example of who the Libs & Dippers are enabling with their catch and release mentality.

A man arrested in the Yonge St. shootout that left Toronto teen Jane Creba dead was under three gun bans following convictions at the time of the Boxing Day incident, court documents show.

Court documents show Valentine has been in and out of court since 2004 on drugs and weapons charges.
Someone, for the love of God tell me, how does a 2 billion dollar rifle registry (remember... handguns have required registration since the 1930's) that targets farmers, hunters and target shooters, stop a piece of shit career thug like Jeremiah Valentine?

Do the right thing... for Jane Creba. Vote Conservative.

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