17 November 2006

Big Burka Bombshell

Here's the best solution I've seen so far.

Perhaps rather than banning in public... that they require both male and female members of that religion to wear the darned things. I suspect that in short order they would no longer be that popular.
Join the fray.

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tarikur said...

It kills the Westerners to think that Muslim women actually choose to wear it. Only thing they want to believe is that women are forced to wear it by men.

Look at the countries like Turkey or Tunisia that government banned it and discourage it. But the Muslim women continue to wear it with big numbers. In the BBC news, they said 65% of the all women in Turkey wear veil.

Very, very small percentage of women are forced to wear it by men but nearly all women wear it because they choose to wear it.

We all know why they can't ban the full Muslim veil or hijab because Nuns wear the same veil for the same reason.

Why is it when nuns wear veil, people consider them holy and pious but when Muslim women wear veil, people consider them 'submissive and oppressed'?

tarikur said...

This is just show that Europeans have no tolerance and oppress women just as European accuses the Muslim of doing. Banning a woman to wear veil is same as forcing a women to wear veil, both are oppressive to women and violates women's right. Congratulation Dutch people, you guys are just like Taliban.

This just show Europeans don't care about Freedom, Democracy, Diversity, Torlance, Women's Right, Religious' Right, Minority' Right, Human Rights. Next, time they preach those things, just laugh at them as jokes.

james higham said...

...This is just show that Europeans have no tolerance and oppress women just as European accuses the Muslim of doing...

What an absolutely moronic comment. That's the sort of thing we're up against.

Neo Conservative said...

tarikur... oppression is one issue, but since you brought it up, when's the last time you heard of a nun strapping explosives to her body and blowing up innocent civilians?

wait a minute, there was an elderly nun in the news recently that i recall... shot in the back by a brave jihadi, no doubt advancing the cause of the religion of "rest in pieces".

she was probably just one of the intolerant europeans who deserve whatever they get... right?