09 November 2006

Iggy nation

UPDATE: Voters not happy with Lib "nation" idea

In a telephone survey of 1,000 people conducted this week, respondents were more than twice as likely - 40.4% versus 16.3% - not to vote Liberal in the next election if the party symbolically recognized Quebec as a nation.

"I think the fact of the matter is, outside Quebec, it's just not on," said SES Research president Nik Nanos.
There has been much brouhaha over Michael Ignatieff saying he recognized the “nation” of Quebec. But maybe Iggy just really likes the idea of nations.

After all, his youth web site is www.iggynation.ca. This all raises some serious questions that may wreak havoc on our constitution.

Can someone be part of the Iggynation, but keep Canada as their country? Martha Hall Findlay will ask how many women are in Iggynation. If there are simply a lot of men in Iggynation, then Scott Brison might be interested in coming over.

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Anh Khoi Do said...

The definition of the word nation (in French and English) is just the same, whether you speak French or English. This is something that Michael Ignatieff doesn't seem to know. He just calls Quebec a "nation" just because he wants to get votes from Quebec. However, even though he can get many votes from Quebec, English Canada will certainly refuse to follow him, because it doesn't want to see the bind in which Canada put itself back at the time of the Meech Lake Accord.

Ignatieff's lack of judgement