02 November 2006

CAIR threatens Macleans magazine

Didn't we hear accusations just this week about how the Blogging Tories were being unduly influenced by the Conservative Party?

So why isn't it a big hairy ball deal, when the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations gives explicit directions and talking points, that include threatening to cancel magazine subscriptions, if Macleans won't censor author Mark Steyn?

(Ottawa, Canada – Oct 31, 2006) The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) is asking all people of conscience to write to Maclean’s Magazine.


1. Write a 150 word letter to Maclean’s Magazine for print.

2. Or submit a two to three paragraph letter to the Maclean’s editorial board.

When writing it is critical to keep Maclean’s readership in mind and maintain a style that is calm and convincing, but firm.


1. The article entitled “The Future belongs to Islam” is inflammatory and offensive. It does little to build bridges, it simply divides people.

2. It would be appreciated if such provocative articles are not given space and if Maclean’s maintains a balanced editorial policy.

3. Maclean’s in the past was an authoritative and respectable voice for Canadians; however, today’s Maclean’s is clearly breaking away from this tradition.

4. If Maclean’s Magazine continues to publish such articles, I will consider not renewing my subscription.

The instructions are fairly precise... back off on the usual fulminating references to "pigs & apes of zionism", and try not to get too hysterical, or threatening.

So let me get this straight... CAIR is basically saying, "If Macleans won't censor Mark Steyn, we'll do what we can to damage the company financially."

While this may be an acceptable tactic in some parts of the world, I think it brings a whole new meaning to the term "dirty pool".

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog........this astounds me......
"In terms of the future belonging to Islam, let us hope that the future belongs to people of all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds, who will learn to live together on our fragile planet in equality, genuine sustainability and justice. We might also wish for a future where the peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia, in particular, will no longer have to live under the gun of wars of occupation and resource-theft. Surely the future, in fact, can and should belong to the world's poor majority, so long excluded, marginalized, scorned, criminalized, and blamed for their own oppression."

Good luck with that happening.......

Terror-Free said...

Islamonazi CAIR Intimidates Yet Another American Business In Dhimmitude

http://www.terrorfreeoil.org/videos/MS092506.php - MSNBC video

Free Patriotic Corner Banners: http://www.terrorfreeoil.org/cb/

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said...let us hope that the future belongs to people of all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds, who will learn to live together on our fragile planet"*************************

and i say, this is a fine sentiment... but the khadrs and their ilk will still cheerfully look you in the eye as they slit your throat and those of your children... simply because they believe their beads are holier than yours.

i don't understand how chretien continues to get a pass from canadians and the media on getting khadr senior out of jail... i guess it's like bill graham's homosexuality... it'd be too rude to mention it.

canadians are funny that way.

pls keep on coming back.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon....first time I posted so I will have an identity now!!
That quote was from a review of 'America Alone'.That kind of thinking scares me shitless.
I have the book but have yet to start it.
Anyway,Neo,keep up the good work of keeping us informed.