17 November 2006

I nearly crapped myself

I had to read this more than once, just to make sure I hadn't accidentally landed at the Onion.

Nope... Jerusalem Post, just like I thought. So, the question remains... if Israel doesn't have a problem with Al Jazeera International, maybe someone's missing the boat here.

In fact, Daniel Seaman, head of the Government Press Office, said, "I have only the utmost respect for Al Jazeera in Israel. They've tried their best to be fair, and even if I disagreed with their coverage at times, it was not one-sided.

Given their audience, they show the Arab side, the Palestinian side of the conflict, but they also present Israel's side."

Asked if he thought Al Jazeera was fairer to Israel than, say, CNN and BBC, Seaman replied, "Absolutely, they're much better than CNN or BBC."
I've been assuming that Al Jazeera was the stereotypical mindless, venomous middle eastern propaganda, but maybe it's time to reconsider.

I've always believed that more information is a good thing. It's that mindless liberal "everyone is beautiful, in their own way" bafflegab that's the real problem.

Bring it on, I say.

FEED YOUR BRAIN UPDATE: From Natedawg... in the comments
The Dawg recommmends "Control Room", a documentary about Al Jazeera coverage of the war in Iraq. The narrative comes from an Arab perspective because their target audience is Arab.

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james higham said...

Yes you should rethink. They've been trying to establish themselves as centrist for a long time and the fact that they're vilified by the Muslim extremists speaks well for them. I use them as one of my prime sources and my views on terrorism are well known.

NateDawg said...

Al Jazeera's not bad. They do very little editorializing, as opposed to Hezbollah-TV which is a pack of lies and hate-mongering.

If you've got a couple hours to kill this weekend, I'd strongly recommend renting the movie Control Room. It's a documentary about how Al Jazeera covers the war in Iraq. It does a pretty good job of depicting how they do cover it from an Arab perspective (because their target audience is Arab), they'll ask tough questions, but they are generally pretty fair.

And the brass there is far less anti-Israel than say, CNN, CBC, BBC, etc.