02 November 2006

The Protest Industry

Taliban Jack and life partner Olivia, rallied 'the usual suspects' at the protest in Toronto last weekend.

I have to wonder, if you weeded out all the embarrassingly ambitious union organisers and the marxist-leninist loonies, who would actually be left at these things?

The problem with the rally was that most of the protest signs were supplied by Toronto Coalition to Stop the War. They brought so many that they had extra piled up on the concrete just sitting there. That was a bad, er, sign. It gave the whole thing an industrial, orchestrated feel, rather than one of individual concern.
Now, maybe it's just me, but if you've got stacks of pre-manufactured signs sitting on the ground while you protest, could that possibly be a clue about your, well... cluelessness?

C'mon Jack, admit it... these things are obviously more about manufacturing images & sound-bites for the six o'clock news, than an expression of the will of the proletariat.

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TheTorontoTory said...

If you are from Toronto, consider joining the "Tories in Toronto", the largest blogrolls of Toronto conservatives. See link below for details.


Neo Conservative said...

i was fortunate enough to be able to escape the 'big smoke' some five years ago... i'm about 2 hours down the road.

thx nonetheless for the invite.