23 November 2006

Killing the messenger... and the truth

In case you were in a coma this last month, the Liberal Party's latest sleight-of-hand has been constantly attacking Environment Minister Rona Ambrose over her announcement regarding the Kyoto protocols.

So why exactly is she being pilloried?

How about for... telling the simple truth.

And that's not just my opinion. Ask Jayson Myers, chief economist for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association. It's what he told the House of Commons environment committee.

"If governments continue to develop policy based on targets that cannot be met, the experience shows that leads to counterproductive policies."

Under Kyoto, Canada agreed to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions to 6% below 1990 levels, which stood at 599 megatonnes, during the 2008-to-2012 period. Canada was 27% above 1990 levels in 2004...
So instead of meeting a target of 6 percent below... Canada in 2004 was 33 percent to the other side of the line.

Hmmm... 2004. What's funny about that date? Oh yeah, that was during a decade of continuous Liberal majority government rule.

Funny that it's only now, when the Liberals are in Opposition, that they can start screaming about the Kyoto targets they ignored for over 10 years.

So if you're one of the Liberal sheeple being sucked into this malicious and totally manufactured campaign to blame this screwup on Stephen Harper and the Conservatives... who have been in a minority government situation for less than a year... I just wanna know, what exactly is it that you're angry about?

Maybe you should actually be a little pissed about being manipulated.

Because if it's about meeting Kyoto targets... you've been duped.

UPDATE: 24 Nov 2006 - Between 1990 and 2004
The 758 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent the study recorded exceeds the greenhouse gas reduction target of the Kyoto Protocol by 35 per cent, or about 200 million tonnes, making Canada one of the world's highest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases.

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